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Summary of New Georgia Law


Special Purchase Transactions:

1. AIR CONDITIONING UNIT COILS may ONLY be purchased from the following persons:

  • A Licensed Contractor who provides a valid contractor's license
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Plumbers
  • Conditioned Air Contractors
  • Low-Voltage Contractors
  • Utility Contractors
  • Certain Sellers who have verifiable documentation, such as a receipt or work order, indicating that the coils are the result of the replacement by a licensed contractor of the condenser coils or of a heating or AC system

2. BURNED COPPER WIRE may only be purchased from:

  • Licensed Contractor who provides a valid contractor's license
  • Certain Sellers who have a copy of a police report showing that the seller's property was involved in a fire

3. BURIAL OBJECTS may only be purchased from:

  • Licensed Funeral Director
  • Licensed Cemetery Owner
  • Licensed Burial Object Manufacturer/Distributor
  • Certain Sellers who have verifiable documentation, such as a receipt from or contract with a licensed Funeral Director, Licensed Cemetery Owner, or Licensed Burial Object Manufacturer/Distributor, evidencing that such seller is the rightful owner of the burial object.

Exempt Transactions:

Purchases of Regulated Metal Property from the following Persons are exempt from the restrictions on the purchase of Regulated Metal Property under the Regulated Metals Recycling Law:

  • Manufacturing, industrial, or other commercial vendors that generate or sell Regulated Metal Property in the ordinary course of their business with the exception of secondary metal recyclers (the “business-to-business exception”)
    NOTE: (Transactions between Georgia Secondary Metals Recyclers are not exempt transactions under the “business-to-business” exception.)
  • Non-profit groups
  • Law Enforcement Officers acting in their official capacity
  • Bankruptcy trustee, executor administrator or receiver
  • Public official acting under judicial process or authority
  • Sale on the execution of any process issued by a court

Acceptable Identification:

  • U.S. issued Driver's License or ID Card
  • Military ID
  • Work Permit from the Federal Government

Fun Fact!  Using recycled steel to make new steel enables reductions such as 86% in air pollution, 40% in water use and 76% in water pollution.

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