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United Recycling is open to the public in Cumming, Georgia. We welcome you to come by with all of your metal materials; we’ll see that they’re properly repurposed and that your efforts in collecting and bringing recyclable materials to us, contribute to more efficient use of our planet’s finite resources. With the deposit of many metal materials, you’ll receive a check in an amount that reflects the weight and value of the metal you brought in, according to market rates.

Bring Your Metal Items to Us!

At United Recycling , we accept and pay for many ferrous metal items including appliances, bicycles, cars, cast iron, fencing, grills, industrial metal heavy equipment, lawnmowers, motor blocks, rebar, and scrap metal.

Non-ferrous metal items we welcome include AC compressors, alternators, aluminum (e.g. gutters, window frames), cans, aluminum wheels, auto batteries, brass, catalytic convertors, Christmas lights, copper, electric motors, electrical wire, radiators, stainless steel, starters, and more.

Call today for more information about our recycling facility and any materials you’d like to bring our way!

Fun Fact!  Every Sunday, Americans waste 90 percent of recyclable newspapers. This wastes 500,000 trees!

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